Panasonic High-Speed Projection Mapping System demo contents at CES 2016

Panasonic High-Speed Projection Mapping System demo contents

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The world’s largest consumer electronics show “CES2016” was held in Las Vegas from January 6th -9th, 2016.
This company created the demo contents for a high-speed projection mapping system announced by Panasonic. This was the first public release of the product, which is a new kind of projection technology that uses high-speed tracing to map images onto people and other objects.
At this company, we planned an installation using dancers and video as demo contents for the product, and handled everything from programming to video production in-house. The time from analysis to display is just 0.001 seconds, so the video traced the movements and forms of the dancers perfectly, and the result was a performance that none ever before. Projection mapping like this that doesn’t require a motion tracking pre-render is a remarkably innovative technology, and is sure to be used for a variety of new applications in the future.

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Director: Hayato Ando
Technical Director: Tateha Sakamoto
Projection Mapping Consultant / Engineer: Paul lacroix
Motion graphic: Takeru Shima
Choreographer: HIDALI
Dancers: Kikky, Jenes
Music: ORGA
Producer: Yoshitaka Yuge, Takao Yoshida
Production Assistant: Riku Ueno