Roppongi Hills 10 anniversary ~LOVE TOKYO~ "TOKYO CITY SYMPHONY"

A Web Site where You can Play Tokyo City as an Instrument by Pressing Keys on the Keyboard

Released / OOH

A model of the streets in Tokyo reproduced at a scale of 1:1000.
We created a 10th anniversary commemorative web site where users were allowed to perform 3D projection mapping on this miniature-sized Tokyo.
Participants could simply touch the keys on their PC keyboards and choose from three available themes, “Future City,” “Rock City,” and “Japan’s Ancient Beauties of Nature,”
in order to create a variety of musical performances and designs on the city, almost as if they were playing the piano.

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Creative Director: Tsubasa Ooyagi(SIX)
Web Director: Kanpei Baba(Bascule)
Programmer: Takayuki Watanabe(Bascule)
Designer: Sadanori Maeda(Bascule)
Movie Director: TAKCOM
Music: Koushi Miura(□□□)
3D Projection Mapping: Hironori Terai,Takahiko Kajima(P.I.C.S.)
Projection / System: Toshiyuk Hashimoto,Seiya Nakano,Tomoya Kishimoto(aircord)