Greetings from P.I.C.S.

December, 22, 2023 / INFO




本作は、今年の2月よりP.I.C.S. managementに参加したアニメーション作家・イラストレーター 若林萌が手掛けました。


As we approach the end of 2023,we want to express our gratitude for your warm companionship throughout the year.

We truly appreciate your continued support.In the spirit of the season, we’re excited to present a special HOLIDAY MOVIE from P.I.C.S. It’s a reflection of the freedom and joy we’ve experienced this year, connecting with our loved ones and cherishing those special moments.
Whether you’re celebrating with a lively crowd or taking it easy on your own, this movie captures the diverse ways we all enjoy the holiday season.

Crafted by animation artist and illustrator Moe Wakabayashi, who joined P.I.C.S. management in February, this film features quirky and enchanting characters in a unique yuletide setting.
Moe’s pop and retro-style animation shines through, and we hope you enjoy it.

Wishing every one of you a healthy and heartwarming holiday season!

Best wishes,

======== Information ========

We will be closed for the New Year’s holiday from December 29th through January 4th.

Staff Credit
Direction / Animation :Moe Wakabayashi (P.I.C.S. management)
Music :Kosuke Anamizu
Animation Cooperation :CALF